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Rose Perdita Weasley
23 January 2012 @ 11:53 pm
Please send the owls up to the Head Girl rooms, or the Head Commons area. Thanks!

[[ooc; just leave notes for possible plots/threads, if you want! :D]]
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Rose Perdita Weasley
24 March 2012 @ 01:25 am

[ Rose Perdita Weasley ; 7th Year ; Ravenclaw ; Head Girl ]

Birthday: May 31, 2006 (17)
Wand: Black Walnut, 10 3/4", Dragon Heart String, Slightly Springy
Patronus: Scorpion (Scorpions are quick to the draw when defending themselves, seem to have a nasty temper and are known to shy out of the spotlight as much as possible. All species of scorpions are venomous, though only a small percentage of them are lethal to human beings- much like how Rose is with her words… and hexes. Scorpions have also been written in literature as one of two things: a force of evil or as a protector from evil. Some would argue that Rose is the former of the two, but she is definitely much more of the latter. It doesn’t help that she has a voracious appetite, much like scorpions themselves, and mortal-enemy/rival/what-have-you is named Scorpius.)
Happiest Memory: Before Rose's first quidditch match, she had been extremely nervous. She owled her father and asked him for any advice to get the nervousness to go away or just... any pre-game ritual to do so that she could feel more confident. Rose never didn't receive an owl back.
The next day, before the match, the Head of her House pulled her to the side and there, standing with some chocolate frogs was her father. He told her that the nervousness never went away, but he'd be proud of her and would be watching the match.
Ravenclaw won the match, in the end, and Ronald Weasley was the first out onto the pitch and gathered Rose into a hug and spun her around just like he had done when she was a child.

Since Rose Weasley got sorted into Ravenclaw, people thought that she'd be much more like her mother- after all, most of her looks already came from her father. At least her personality and smarts would come from Hermione's side of the gene pool, wouldn't it? Whether or not it was unfortunate, they were wrong. Rose got her mum's cleverness and love of books- along with Ron's heated temper, impatience, act-before-thinking tendencies along with his eye for strategy and love for quidditch. Luckily (or unluckily), those traits softened themselves around the edges somewhat, though her friends and housemates see those edges roughen again whenever Malfoy is around- and when something happens in quidditch.

Sure she still snaps at people when they do something stupid and wouldn't even attempt bending the rules at all, but she still has a love for adventure that her parents seem to share. Rose may be a little stiff and a bit off when first approached, but she's not "a stick in the mud" like a certain housemate of hers says.